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Today you may have seen or heard about potential issues regarding allergies that can be caused by using some ‘Gel’ polish brands. It is important to highlight these issues and to provide reassurance to you as my client.

Now I’m not saying allergies do not exist because we would all be naïve to think otherwise. An allergy can develop at any point even after using a product for a number of years. This can be down to a persons change in health, manufacturers changes, genes & so on…

I personally have not experienced nail allergies with myself or clients, but are very aware of them. Risk of infection is high if treatments are not carried out correctly.

Since the pandemic salons have seen a high rise in ‘home kits’ and this is one of the matters which have come apparent today. These are the products to be avoided because we do not necessarily know where they are produced, are cheap and often ingredients not suitable for nail use. This could be where allergies may develop.

So, aside from whether you like to have nails done in a salon or at home…. PLESAE do your research. Check for established technicians, qualifications, Insurance, hygiene & sterilisation. Use of a professional brand & preferably good experience in the field. I have over 20 years of experience behind me, Insured, thorough knowledge which I have gained through working in different salons – I wont go on to bore you.

I do feel passionate about this because we as an industry like many others can appear unprofessional and this damages good businesses!!

Finally, this also leads me onto patch testing. This is a process we have to carry out on new clients for predominantly tinting. Patch testing is imperative for you as a client & for myself as a therapist, Is it there to protect both parties. Please do not go without.

Just be honest with history of your health as this can have a big effect on Hair, Skin & Nails.

All aspects of my job are taken out professionally, friendly & have your best interests at heart.

Take care & have a lovely weekend

Katie x

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