Wheat Bags and Soothing Eye Pillows

100 % Cotton Wheat Bags

Made from 100% Cotton our Microwavable Wheat Bags are filled with English Wheat & optional English Lavender Buds.
All handmade by us in Wiltshire, England
​Handmade microwaveable wheat bags are perfect for when you’re feeling cold, stressed or suffering from tense muscles and aches. Each wheat bag is filled with cleaned English wheat and come either unscented or with English lavender buds.
Suitable for all ages over 36 months, they comply with British Safety Standards.
Simply place in a clean microwave with a rotary table for 1-2 minutes maximum on a medium setting.
​They are also perfect for using as a cool pack, place in the freezer for up to 1 hour to relieve pain.
Size: 46cm x 14cm approx.

Soothing Eye Pillows

Soothing eye pillows with a removable cover.
These weighted eye pillows are a natural product filled with flaxseed and optional Lavender.
Blocks out Light, Soothes Tired Eyes and Enhances Relaxation.

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